Business coaching helps businesses grow. Leadership coaching helps leaders grow. We do both in our work with business owners and other heads of organizations.

We guide our client across time to take the steps to achievement and fulfillment.

  • Our approach is designed to help our client clearly express business, workload, and personal objectives.
  • Rather than simply give advice, we’re often eliciting from our client right and best answers and approaches for himself or herself, drawing on and building confidence in one’s own inner wisdom.
  • We provide tools and systems – many of which we developed – and have our client experience how to use them, to help him or her create effective business processes, and build a strong team of support.
  • We support our client across time to equip them to more effectively “fight fires” and “prevent fires.”
  • Essential to the coaching relationship (in contrast to many advisor and mentor relationships) is the client’s accountability – to oneself. It is here – where the coach helps the client take the actual steps to fulfill one’s declared goals, vision, objectives, values, and intentions, and guide the client through the implementation – where much of the power, benefit, and achievement comes from working with a coach.

What does working with a coach “look” like? How does a coaching program work? See our page on Coaching under our Services menu.

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Our clients put time into the coaching relationship because it pays them back in time, ease, money, and impact.

They report…
  • getting more done in less time, freeing themselves from overload, overwhelm or from simply maxing out.
  • being able to manage their many responsibilities more easily and effectively.
  • they are doing more of what they love to do (and what the business needs them to do).
  • they are avoiding costly errors, becoming more productive and efficient, and making more money.
  • they are able to step away from the business more.
  • they are more fulfilled personally, getting more time with their families, accomplishing more in their social and environmental missions.
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What does a coach DO? A coach does some or all of the following…

  • helps the client identify and declare what they want to achieve.
  • assists the client with practices, observations, and insights intended to help the client discover new things about himself or herself and raise his or her self-awareness.
  • helps the client discover their own solutions, strategies, and tactics for change.
  • provides direct recommendations and feedback.
  • listens, discusses, brainstorms.
  • works as a trusted confidante whose agenda is solely to help one navigate the waters of business and leadership.
  • helps the client monitor their progress on their goals.
  • holds the client accountable (on the client’s behalf) to live up to their own declarations and intentions for change, achievement, and fulfillment.