Our Cost Reduction Program

For Businesses and Non-Profits

Our role with you is simple, easy, and limited. You simply agree to have us make an introduction to our Cost Reduction Partner and schedule a phone call with them, typically within one week. They take it from there. That’s it! You neither hire us nor pay us for this service. And for most cost reduction services, you also do not pay our service partner. (See ** below for how they get paid.)


Qualifying companies in the Program:

  • Existing businesses: See guidelines in table below for qualifications.
  • Anyone incorporating a business automatically qualifies.


What This Service Is (As Described By Our Partner):

  • An extremely unique proposition for your organization.
  • No cost, no fee, no retainer, no risk, no obligation, quick turn-around service (72-96 hrs).
  • They specialize in double-digit savings and cost solutions for your organization.
  • Reduce your Telecom & Technology, Insurance, Energy, Credit Card and other costs quickly, efficiently and at no cost to you.
  • Cost Reduction solutions are with A-list service providers in telecom (like AT&T and Verizon), insurance (like Aetna and BC/BS), and other areas.
  • Our Program partner is not a consultant.
  • You do not hire, engage or retain our service partner. You do not pay them a fee, retainer or stipend.
  • Their unique model has been embraced by many organizations over the past 15 years.

About our Partner (As Described By Our Partner):

  • Their team has a combined 75 years of experience in global investment banking, cost efficiency, turn around and start-up expertise.
  • You do not hire, engage or retain them. You do not pay them a fee, retainer or stipend.
  • Our Program partner can reduce multiple, monthly costs, all under one roof.
  • They do not take a percentage of savings as compensation. You simply get lower bills.
  • All of their work is free, off-site and non-obtrusive, quick and efficient.

Services and qualifications with the Program:

Service Minimum (or not much below). New incorporations no minimums. Notes


Telecom/data $5000/mo telecom/data bill**


Insurance Any size (if is broker of record) ***


Merchant Card Services $500k/yr processing volume***


Logistics and Freight ·        $500k/yr shipping (UPS, etc.)***

·        All sizes for warehouse/logistics***


Tax Credit Services Minimum of 200 employees***


Financial Services Depends on the service***


Energy $25k/mo electric and gas*** Only NY, NJ, CT, IL, MA, MD, MI, NH, OH, PA, RI, TX, VA


*** For newly incorporating businesses there are no minimums!


 Program Detailed Services (As Described By Our Partner):

Our Program partner is a specialist in cost savings and efficiency for corporations, firms, businesses, organizations and municipalities (also entities such as charities and universities).

The client does not engage our partner as a consultant (i.e., there is no consultant fee), the work is off-site and non-obtrusive and the client has essentially zero resource expenditure in terms of time, effort and personnel. Cost Reduction service through our Partner is generally a no-fee/non-retainer structure (in most cases we are compensated by the vendor).



  • Our Program partner represents all major communications providers domestically and offers a no-cost, expert communications consultation and analysis.
  • All conversions are done without a fee as the vendor provides all fees.
  • All conversions are off-site and are completely seamless.
  • Our Program partner provides an on-site comprehensive review of T line and Telecom closet or can analyze last month’s Telecom bill and provide alternatives to realize savings.




  • Our Program partner offers a full service insurance brokerage menu encompassing professional advice, analysis, and placement for commercial insurance protection, representing all domestic and international top rated firms.
  • All relevant exposure profiles are developed and reviewed with a focus to improve, correct, enhance or replace existing portfolios or design new programs if necessary.
  • Risk management and analyses are performed by our licensed, experienced staff who have handled commercial accounts for over 45 years working with “A“ rated insurance companies throughout the world.
  • There is no fee for analysis or execution; we desire to represent you as your broker.


  • Our Program partner, through their affiliation with First Data, helps clients accept virtually every type of electronic payment in the most efficient, cost effective manner. Their unparalleled products and services allow you to let your customers pay how, when and where they want with terminals, software, ecommerce, and mobile or wireless solutions.
  • Our Program partner facilitates credit and debit card processing; check solutions, e-commerce products, gift and loyalty programs, and end-user hardware sales.
  • Our Program partner is unique through their history of providing cost savings to clients, dedicated relationship managers, data processing solutions, mobile loyalty, extensive online reporting and transaction insights and analytics.
  • All compensation is provided by First Data.

ENERGY – See table above for qualifying states*

  • Our Program partner offers you a free cost analysis of your electric and natural gas expenses.
  • Program partner leaves your organization with the same utility, same energy service, same bill and all at a lower cost.
  • Frequently our Program partner achieves a double digit save for clients in their energy expenses.
  • Our Program partner simply requires your last 2 energy bills. They do all the work.



  • Our Program partner provides all facets of logistics from point of inception, to warehousing nation-wide, to transportation globally, and finally through to the delivery to the end user.
  • Our Program partner’s logistics team is comprised of former Federal Express and UPS executives and has been successful in improving contract content and realizing meaningful savings.
  • Our Program partner provides an ongoing service to eliminate monthly billing errors (errors typically run approximately 6%).


  • Our Program partner provides complete analysis on all available tax credits at the local, city, county and state levels.
  • Our Program partner develops employee driven tax credits to the advantage of the employer.



  • Our Program partner specializes in assisting clients in securing their necessary financing. They initiate, negotiate and help close transactions to clients’ advantage and act as your banker and team member.
  • Our Program partner provides the experience and knowledge to service clients with finance requirements, conducted with a customized approach and an expeditious solution.
  • Our Program partner has the technical skills, negotiating expertise and institutional relationships at the owner and senior most levels to satisfy the needs of clients across a broad range of financial services.
  • The range of financial services includes but is not limited to:

  • Working Capital Lines
  • Seasonal Facilities
  • Letter of Credit
  • Revolving Lines
  • Asset Based Lending
  • Factoring
  • Long Term Debt
  • Bridge Loans

** Our partner typically negotiates large and bulk purchases and resells or brokers them in smaller parcels at a lower rate than their customer could negotiate on their own. They typically are compensated by the vendor whose services you buy (AT&T, Aetna, UPS, etc.). You are completely free to pursue, or decline to pursue, doing business with them to reduce your costs. If you choose to use them, you in turn become our partner’s customer directly (or their subsidiary service business’s customer) for cost reduction services, and do not contract or work through us. We neither perform cost reduction activities ourselves nor are party to a contract to perform them. Our cost reduction partner and their subsidiary service businesses are responsible for all such arrangements and activities with you and on your behalf.

* As described by our Partner. Statements have not been evaluated by MRX for accuracy.