Project Work and Retreats

To Help Companies Run Better and Grow

Coaching: Providing a structure of ongoing support to achieve your goals.

Coaching is a great tool to help leaders grow, achieve, become fulfilled, and get more done through others.  Sometimes, the "right tool for the job"  is a focused project to implement solutions or bring about desired results. Other times it takes an extended meeting or facilitated retreat with members of your team to plan the big picture or work out solutions.

Like our CEO clients, we are general managers, focusing on any and many parts of your business.  We have different skill sets on our team that we bring to your team. 

That means we can serve you in many ways, including (but not limited to) the following:




Expand Leadership Abilities

Build Strong Teams

Hiring Support – defining roles, responsibilities, and hiring criteria; drafting job descriptions; interviewing; training in interview skills and practices; project managing the hiring process

Set & Achieve New Goals



Strategic Planning Retreats

Facilitate partner and leadership meetings and problem solving sessions

Establishing guidelines for choosing partners or investors

Creating guidelines and practices to ensure on-going smooth partner, investor, or team relations, and preventing or solving problems

Workshops to get the right things on and off a team's plates
Harmonize Friend, Family, or Business Relationships

Improve Service

Create a Culture of Service Excellence


Execute on Your Mission, Vision & Values

Manage Growth & Change

Implement Projects & Initiatives

Make Meetings Highly Productive

Improve Communication Across Departments

Make Sense of Your Accounting and Books

Put In Place Useful Financial Reporting



Transition to the Next Level

Improve Performance of Departments

Clarify Roles & Responsibilities

Design, Document & Reinforce Policy and Procedure