Our Suite of Services


We provide a variety of services to  serve more of your needs and give you options.

Coaching:  We help you do it better for yourself. 

Projects:  We do it with you and for you. 

Workshops: We train your managers.

Interim Executives:  We become you.

Cost Reduction Services: Straight up cost reduction in 7 cost centers.  No fees whatsoever.  We get paid when you save. 

The NightLight Program™:  We give the performance edge and risk reduction to investors in privately held businesses.

The MOS Upgrade:  The Management Operating System Upgrade™.    It’s not management consulting, it’s not IT.  It’s a process we take you through that enables your enterprise to optimize itself over and over without having to hire management consulting firms to do it for you. For businesses with at least $20-$25 million of revenue or 100 employees, up to $1 billion and 1500 employees.

The best athletes in the world improve their skills and performance with coaching. 

The best business leaders improve their skills and performance from being coached.

“We are all hard at work actually doing many of the things you and I had discussed.

So with the combination of getting the new partnership sorted out and putting these practices in place,

I feel like we accomplished what we set out to do, which is a lot. Thanks for all the help.”

— Bob Kelly, Partner, Tinicum Corp., New York, NY. Private Equity Family Office