What Our Clients Say

“The team at Management Resources has demonstrated a unique ability to understand not only the diverse needs of a socially-minded business, but also the intricacies of managing in a complex organizational structure. Rob and his team are valuable contributors to our strategy development, organizational design, and recruiting priorities and their work is always professional, timely, and comprehensive. We look forward to continuing to engage with Management Resources as we strive to address the most challenging managerial, social, and economic problems facing our country.”

— Mike Brady, CEO of Greyston Bakery, Yonkers, NY. Triple bottom line industrial bakery and social enterprise.

“The work you did to prepare us for rebooting our relationship with our Fortune 100 joint venture partner really crystallized the opportunity — for them and for us. Things are really going well now and revenues are way up.”

— Al Fuller, CEO of Integrated Packaging Co., New Orleans, LA. Double bottom line domestic manufacturer of cardboard packaging.


“I am way more than pleased with our work together. Your coaching has made so much difference to me personally and professionally to help me consider and redesign my relationship with my business, my business partner, my employees. This has been extremely valuable.”
— Judy Seid, Founder of Blue Summit Wealth Management, San Diego, CA. Financial firm committed to Socially Responsible Investing.

“Rob, you’ve given me the tools to create a job that I love, to hire and train people to do what I don’t like to do and only do what I love.”

— Joe Raby, CEO of Sunshine Realty Management, New York, NY. For-profit business incubator and renter of office space.

“We grew 94%, most of it in the last quarter. We were able to handle the increased volume of work largely because of the one-on-one coaching work we did to prepare myself and the organization for growth, and to delegate to [the operations manager, a position created through the coaching].”

— Greg Selkoe, President of Karmaloop, Boston, MA. The world’s largest online clothing boutique for Gen Y and Next Gen shoppers — massive annual growth for past 10 years.

“I just bought a lake house and it’s all your fault!”

— Dan Reardon, President of Reardon Pallet Corp., Kansas City, MO. Wooden shipping pallet manufacturer.

“The past three months since I have begun talking with you have been the most transitional in my life and career. I am more dedicated to my family and cherish the weekends and family time I have forced myself to take. The time we spent talking changed my approach to my business. Competition is good and so is diversification. I will no longer view my competition as the enemy and I am on the lookout for new investment opportunities so I won’t continue to have financial freedom tied to one area.”

— Stanley J. Schultz, PE, PLS, CEO of Schultz Engineering Services, Inc., St. Louis, MO. Water and sewer projects in rural Missouri.

“I think one of my best decisions was hiring you as my coach. I really trust you, and trust your advice. I have someone [outside of my family business] to talk to each week.”

— Nicole Tonti, Partner at Chamisal Tennis & Fitness Club, Monterey, CA. Family business actively incorporating green and socially responsible practices throughout their facility.

“I’m holding my people more accountable, making them do the work. For example, I had my sales manager create a marketing plan. I’m real pleased. We never had one before. It gives us a better shot at more business, helps me manage my sales manager and focus his energy, makes his life easier and makes my life easier. The best thing to come out of winning the Inner City 100 award was my relationship with you.”

— Dan Reardon, President of Reardon Pallet Corp., Kansas City, MO. 3 time winner Inc. Magazine's Prestigious Inner City 100 Award. Shipping pallet manufacturing.

“I gave myself a huge raise at the end of the year and you just showed me that I deserved that!”

— Bob Merrigan, CEO of Merrigan & Co., Kansas City, MO. Marketing and copywriting for foundations and their clients.

“You bring the high touch (rather than the wide reach). You’re personal without being invasive. But also not placating. You listen but also don’t ‘buy the story.’ You helped me strengthen my internal voice. When I think about the two year period: there was your consistency, even when I was being inconsistent. Always called when you said you would. No excuses. You saw where I was trying to go and supported that all along. And you were there for the duration. This was a victory.”

— Regina Davis, Executive Director of San Francisco Housing Development Corp., San Francisco, CA. Provides housing counseling & assistance to low- and moderate-income first-time home buyers; manages owner-occupied properties.

“I have a lot to thank Rob for. I’ve been more up, more energetic, getting more done at work, being much more productive, my ability to visualize the future is coming back. Rob’s coaching has a lot to do with that.”

— Glynn Lloyd, CEO of City Fresh Foods, Boston, MA. Multi-year winner of Inc. Magazine's Prestigious Inner City 100 Award. Member of SVN (Social Venture Network). Hot food cooking, packing, and delivery service.

“Rob’s greatest achievement was the encouragement of practicing internal customer service with our fellow employees. This internal attitude was transferred to how we serviced our customers. They could hear it in our voice over the phone and see it through our on time deliveries. His greatest asset in implementing changes is that he makes you believe that what you want and need to be done can happen and shows the way to make it happen.”

— Margaret Lanese, Manager of Administration at Prime Resources Corp., Bridgeport, CT. One of the country’s largest promotional products suppliers in North America.

“There’s an integration between self and business that I like here. Other than the local parish priest, I’ve never been so accountable to someone in my life.”

— P.J. Reardon, President of Express Business Supply, Kansas City, MO. Office supply distributor.

“You’ve brought us a long way in the last 6 months and for that we cannot thank you enough. We already talked about how valuable the process was for hiring the right addition to our team. We also appreciate how you pushed us to explore all the options available when we considered a move. We have and will continue to enthusiastically recommend you to others, and are very appreciative of your work and time with us.”

— Winnie Culp, Partner at NearSea Naturals, Santa Fe, NM. Online retailer of cut-to-order natural and organic fabrics.

“You oughta do this for a living!”

— Deb Weidenhamer, CEO of Auction Systems Auctioneers & Appraisers, Phoenix, AZ. Live and online simulcast auctions — 10-time Inner City 100 award winner.

“We are all hard at work actually doing many of the things you and I had discussed. So with the combination of getting the new partnership sorted out and putting these practices in place, I feel like we accomplished what we set out to do, which is a lot. Thanks for all the help.”

— Bob Kelly, Partner, Tinicum Corp., New York, NY. Private equity investors/managers

“The best thing we ever did for our business was bring [Management Resources’] Jim Kenefick on as a coach.”

— Steve Weisz, CEO of In Ticketing, San Rafael, CA. Green and socially responsible purveyor of event ticketing and event support services (such as bio-diesel powered generators).

“I just spent the last 10 minutes raving about Rob, my business coach, and how much he changed my life. Not only am I able to manage Sunshine from anywhere with just a phone and internet connection, but I’ve actually gone from managing just one accounting person to the entire staff using his training techniques (all from Israel). Rob and his team have given me the tools to create a job that I love, to hire and train people to do what I don’t like to do and only do what I love. Over a 3.5 month period, Rob enabled me to live in Israel (or anywhere in the world) while still running my NYC based business.”

— Joe Raby, CEO of Sunshine Realty Management, New York, NY. For-profit business incubator and renter of office space.

“One of the most important things you’ve given me is I now see that I think differently and do things differently than others, and to trust myself and my authority to do these things. It’s given me the ammunition to open my mind and learn things I wasn’t getting.”

— Peter Courtney, President of Greenwich Investment Management, Greenwich, CT. Financial firm committed to generating safe yet high returns.

“I’ve grown immensely in my leadership abilities and my empathy for others. You have a wonderful service. You’re giving people so much. It’s great stuff.”

— Mandy Gamarra, CEO of Presta Appraisal Group, Sausalito, CA. Real estate appraisal.

“So much of my success really comes from the support I get from you. You’re like the wind beneath my business sails. I feel like I’m living the dream I’d always hoped would be possible and I’m really doing it. And a lot of it’s the tools and direction you give me. All of a sudden all the stuff we’ve been talking about is starting to materialize. That shift between doing it myself to managing others to do it.”

— Jenelle Malbrough, Founder of First World Trash, Queens, NY. Repurposed vinyl billboards turned into stylish, sturdy bags and cases.

“I am impressed by how often I quote Rob … and how often I utilize the new tools which he has provided to me … I have accomplished so much more with the same amount of time.”

— Jeremy Epstein, CEO and co-founder of SilentFrog, New York, NY.

“At the beginning of the day, I thought this stuff was b-----t. At the end of the day I see it really works. I wake up each day looking forward to going to work and seeing what problems to solve. Things that used to agitate me and stress me out don’t worry me any more. I’ve invested my energy in making things better.”

— Hector Elias, President of Aztec Roofing, Houston, TX. Family commercial roofing business and winner of Inc. Magazine’s Prestigious Inner City 100 Award.

“Your counsel is good. Your advice is good. And our success to date is in part due to the work we’ve done together. I can’t tell you how many times I tell my team, ‘Thank heavens we started looking at bizdev last summer and we’re not in a panic now to develop a process.’”

— Bob Merrigan, CEO of Merrigan & Co., Kansas City, MO. Marketing and copywriting for foundations and their clients.

“I still use a lot of Rob’s coaching and management techniques today while reviewing my staff, creating job descriptions, and creating a job basket for myself. In addition, Rob’s team is developing and implementing Sunshine’s first formal staff training program, some of whom are the top minds in the country for organizational development. Sunshine's clients answering the question in the positive "Would you recommend Sunshine to a friend?’ have increased from around a 60% to well over 90%.”

— Joe Raby, CEO of Sunshine Realty Management, New York, NY. For-profit business incubator and renter of office space.

“The work we did before my presentation at the national conference was really great and I remember that presentation as one of the best I've ever done. It set the stage for other developments within the national association and I believe that work will continue after my departure as well. Thanks for your help! We planted some important seeds!”

— Diane D. Wolverton, State Director of the Wyoming Small Business Development Center, Laramie, WY. Public/non-profit partnership providing assistance to set up and run entrepreneurial ventures.

“Rob Lederer is a highly valued coach and consultant for my family farm and my business Philip’s Fresh Flowers. He is deeply intuitive and quickly understood my needs not only as a business owner but also as an individual with many passions and pursuits.”

— Philip Restine, CEO of Philip’s Fresh Flowers, Millstone Township, NJ. Wholesale flowers from the largest sunflower farm in the East.

“Coaching didn’t add more to do to what’s already there, it helped me do it differently and get it done, all at one of the busiest times of my life. It created new capacity – not just at work but with family. Now I have clarity of direction daily, a feeling of freedom, and lots of energy.”

— David Weissman, Assistant VP at the 42nd St. Branch of HSBC, New York, NY. The world’s local bank.

“Working with Rob over the last six months, has helped me stay focused on the critical issues in my business, and has made me a more effective CEO. Our conversations provoke insight and actionable decisions. Rob has a talent for facilitating useful introspection that hits at the right level of analysis for business leaders. I recommend him to any executive dealing with high-growth or dynamic environments.”

— Leon Rozenblit, CEO of Prometheus Research, New Haven, CT. Biomedical research.

“Myself and one of our senior consultants worked with Rob during a critical time of growth and diversity within our company. Through our work with Rob we were able to gain clarity, create a strategy and move forward with clear decisive steps that proved to be effective and give us long term growth.”

— Amy McDonald, owner of Under a Tree, Tuscon, AZ. Spa and wellness center innovators.

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