Fast-to-Explosive Growth Businesses

Businesses going through rapid growth face an exciting and sometimes frightening set of challenges and experiences.  Cash flow pressures, space limits, “laying the track down just before you roll over it,” and many new responsibilities your team (and you!) may not yet have experience with.  You don’t have to figure it all out for yourself! Our founder has been through it in his own family business and lots of our clients have too. That’s why so many owners of Inc. 500 and Inner City 100 Award-winning businesses choose us to help them navigate their way through rapid growth and change.  There are many growing pains you don’t have to have.

Partnerships & Family Businesses

There are many great things about having your own business.  Not having a boss, doing it your way, taking care of others, getting your ideas or products out there, success and recognition, wealth and independence, making a difference, etc.  And there are also some mixed blessings: it can be lonely at the top, we’re often “making it up” as we go along how to run and build our business, and working with family, friends, and partners can be “complex.”  Most of our team grew up in family businesses or are themselves entrepreneurs, partners, and business owners. We know what it’s like because we’ve been there. Your coach is not your lawyer, your accountant, your best friend, your spouse, or your shrink.  Your coach has no agenda but you – to help you take the steps to achieve and be fulfilled in the different areas of your business, your work, and even other parts of your life.

Green & Socially Responsible Businesses

Many business owners run their businesses as an engine for social good, not just a way to generate wealth.  The game is not just to make money, it’s how to make it.  Our approach is not to help companies “go green.”  Instead we help green businesses be great businesses, to do the many things that make any business succeed.  Because we also share your values, our coaching will help you develop the business and leadership skills, team, and operation that any business needs but in a way that reinforces and honors your values.  We are one of the earliest, founding B Corporations  and we’rethe chosen coaching partner to leading sustainable business conferences like LOHAS, Green Business Conference, and the Green Festivals.

Read What Our Clients Have to Say

“Rob and his team are valuable contributors to our strategy development, organizational design, and recruiting priorities and their work is always professional, timely, and comprehensive.”


— Mike Brady, CEO of Greyston Bakery, Yonkers, NY. Triple bottom line industrial bakery and social enterprise.

“You were an excellent leadership development coach for me. We grew in numbers, enhanced our program services and improved our impact in the community. Our whole staff became more engaged in fiscal decision-making as a result of your training and coaching.”

-- Regina Davis, Executive Director of San Francisco Housing Development Corp., CA.

“Working with you has helped me stay focused on the critical issues in my business, and has made me a more effective CEO. Our conversations provoke insight and actionable decisions. You have a talent for facilitating useful introspection that hits at the right level of analysis for business leaders.”

— Leon Rozenblit, CEO of Prometheus Research, New Haven, CT. Biomedical research.