Our MOS UpGrade

Every Company, regardless of size has a Management Operating System (MOS), it's like the Corporate Collective Unconscious.

Management Operating System (MOS) Upgrade

Upgrading the MOS, Phase I: The CEO Reality Check®

Intent: The CEO Reality Check achieves an elegant and easy new alignment, and focus on value creation, among the entire senior team, through discovering the crucial core facts for how the enterprise creates (and destroys) value, and maintaining unanimity on what the core facts are. Reveal the enterprise’s current Management Operating System by describing how it creates value. This foundation tees up the enterprise to optimize how it manages itself to create value, profits, and cash.

The CEO Reality Check delivers to the CEO and/or designees a new experience of mastery over their business model; by more precisely understanding how the firm’s complete set of operating activities are linked to, and drive, the total financial results of the enterprise, throughout its Chart of Accounts.

The CEO Reality Check generates new value and skills in a remarkably short time.


Our program, when fully implemented, creates and sustains total-system engagement; where all members are in alignment with each other and with master metrics that measure value creation, and so deliver the best-possible economic outcomes for the enterprise.

Management Operating System (MOS) Upgrade

Benefits of Phase I, the CEO Reality Check

Puts the CEO and/or designees more firmly in command of the business, by having tools and
methods to more productively align the CFO with the human capital (the staff).
Builds an initial draft of the undefined set of assets making up the institutional memory and Management Operating System, which until now is (usually) a decent collection of practices, tools, and values, some not consciously known, nor seen, as an interrelated system of management.
The CEO’s and designees’, new-found command is grounded by a Financial Scoreboard, which can project Operating Cash Flow 90-180 days ahead in minutes once established.
The CEO and designated leaders can rigorously examine how to build cash reserves, reduce expenses, and take advantage of more opportunities quicker.
Installs a new skill set applied to co-developing far more useful and accurate reports, using new measurement leadership skills and a more complete value creation map
We deliver the CEO Reality Check to the CEO and a select group of the senior team through a series of
30-60 minute phone calls and short “homework” exercises that add up to about a day-and-a-half and accomplished in as few as 10 business days.


Management Operating System (MOS) Upgrade

MOS Upgrade 2: KPI Invention, builds on Upgrade 1.

It engages and enrolls the enterprise’s staff to focus on the most important value creating activities in the enterprise, optimizing their operational and financial performance.

Each successive Upgrade to the MOS builds on and multiplies the value created in the prior upgrades.