What Do These Three Categories Have in Common?
Each has an added degree of complexity in managing their business.
We help companies manage complexity by introducing simplicity and clarity.

What Our Clients Say

The best thing to come out of the Inner City 100 was my relationship with you.

– Dan Reardon, President of Reardon Pallet Co., Kansas City, MO. 3 time winner Inc. Magazine's Prestigious Inner City 100 Award. Shipping pallet manufacturing. - http://www.reardonpallet.com/

I’ve grown immensely in my leadership abilities and my empathy for others. You have a wonderful service. You’re giving people so much. It’s great stuff.

– Mandy Gamarra, CEO, Presta Appraisal Group, Sausalito, CA. Real estate appraisal.

I have a lot to thank you for. I’ve been more up, more energetic, getting more done at work, being much more productive; my ability to visualize the future is coming back. Your coaching has a lot to do with that.

– Glynn Lloyd, CEO of City Fresh Foods, Boston, MA, and winner of Inc. Magazine's Prestigious Inner City 100 Award. Hot foods cooking, packing, and delivery service. - http://www.cityfreshfoods.com/

Coaching didn’t add more to do to what’s already there, it helped me do it differently and get it done, all at one of the busiest times of my life. It created new capacity — not just at work but with family. Now I have clarity of direction daily, a feeling of freedom, and lots of energy.

– David Weissman, Assistant VP, 42nd St. Branch, HSBC, New York, NY. Banking. - http://www.hsbc.com/