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As coaches, we expect greatness of you. That is the cornerstone of the coaching relationship.

We are both experts.

We see you as the expert in your business. We are experts in personal development, and the process of eliciting your answers rather than providing them. There will be times that we act as consultants and provide recommendations when requested, and often we will ask powerful questions designed to empower you in your own decision-making.

Your coach gives assignments.

The assignment may include a specific action, conditions of satisfaction, and a date or time by which it will be done. You freely choose each step in the process, by: 1) “I accept” 2) “I decline” 3) make a counter-offer.

Your coach holds confidentiality.

Your individual coaching is confidential. This is critical to our work with you as well as to our professional reputation.

Give your coach feedback.

Your coach wants your feedback. In order for coaching to have great value, both the coach and client must state openly what is and is not working in the context of the relationship.


The process of coaching must be evaluated regularly in order to gauge the impact coaching is having for you. A regular review of your goals can be requested at any time.

[CX1-0531 Corporate Coaching Accelerator KitTM © 2001 by The Propeller Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Revised with permission of the author by Rob Lederer of Organizational Excellence Group, Inc.]

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