Interim Executives For Your Business

Interim Executive / Board Roles

Sometimes you just need someone at an executive level to perform one or more functions in your business on a short-term basis, not as an outside consultant but as an inside leader with authority to get things done for you. Members of our team can serve clients in specific roles (like interim president) and floating roles, like a “utility player” in baseball who can play any of a number of positions on your leadership team.

Members of our team also serve as board members for clients and other organizations.

When should you consider having an interim executive? An interim executive takes on the responsibility, authority, and accountability to run some or all aspects of the business:

  • When the senior leader is otherwise occupied by business or personal commitments
  • When the current team lacks the skill sets required
  • When the company is pressed by urgency to temporarily fill the position
  • When the company has a short-term need such as setting up infrastructure, accounting and financial systems, or a department
  • When the team is underperforming, needs clear direction and oversight, or needs to be more accountable

When should that interim executive be an Interim CFO? To help answer and be responsible for the following questions:

  • How much capital will I need this year, next year and beyond?
  • How should I structure my business for both investors and taxes?
  • What incentive plans make sense now and later?
  • What should be in an operating agreement?
  • Who should speak to investors?
  • Who should speak to banks?
  • To lease or buy?
  • And hundreds of other questions.

Members of Management Resources have served in different executive capacities to clients, in addition to their executive and entrepreneurial experience employed by other businesses. For example:

Rob Lederer served as interim President of our client SignaPay, LLC, is founder and President of Management Resources, and was Vice President of Administration for Prime Resources Corp.

Mitchell Pines serves as Development Vice President for his client Sun Farm Ventures, Inc., and has held various senior management roles for his clients Commuter Check Services Corp., Trace Worldwide Corp, Compliance Tools Inc, and NDA International among others.

Stuart Sidle just completed a year as interim Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at University of New Haven.

John D’Aquila has served as CFO for Blue Marble Ice Cream, Eve Pearl Cosmetics, Exago Inc., and others.

Members of our team serve on, or have served on, the boards of various companies:
In Ticketing, Prime Resources Corp., Cynergy Data, LLC, Sun Farm Ventures, Inc., In Touch Capital Markets, Horizon Promotional, and more.