Coaching One Member of a Team

  • Three-month initial commitment so as to ensure follow-through across time and tangible long-term impact. (At times the initial commitment is longer.) Real results and not just “progress” appear within first three months. Automatically renews for three-month periods.
  • Typically one-hour every other week by phone (usually works best for business owners, given their many other responsibilities and given that implementing the coaching may take time). If one-hour each week works better for your rhythm we do so at no additional charge. When we can meet in person, we are happy to do so. Includes reasonable levels of additional conversation, correspondence, and document review/preparation/revision between coaching meetings.
  • Client chooses to take on assignments designed by client or coach that contribute to the fulfillment of client’s objectives.

Coaching: Providing a structure of ongoing support to achieve your goals.

Coaching: Providing a structure of ongoing support to achieve your goals.

Coaching Two or More Members of a Team
Rule of thumb: Coaching two members of a team usually yields three times the value due to synergies. Coaching multiple members of a team also yields extra value from synergies.

  • Same as for One Member of a Team; additionally…
  • When we coach more than one member of a team, especially business partners, we usually will add a joint meeting on a periodic basis (monthly or quarterly) to compare notes, coordinate, communicate, etc.
  • When appropriate, we can match different coaches to different members of the team.

Compensation is by retainer. Additional compensation may apply when coaching service level exceeds retainer.

Every leader is different. Every business is different.
The work we do is customized and personalized to each client’s unique goals, values, business and life. When we know what’s going on in your world we can give you a highly relevant description of how we would help you achieve your goals. Start with the info in this website and then make it come alive for you through a brief conversation. Give us a call, send us an email, take the next step.

The nature of our coaching
We powerfully deliver results in the strategically most important areas of a business owner’s life: The interrelated domains of your Business, the Work you do (vs. the work you wish you could get to), and the rest of your Life. When we define objectives in those three areas, we help chart the course for how to get from here to there and guide our client to take the appropriate steps along the way to achieving and fulfilling them.

  • Get the right things on and off your plate to free you to do the work you wish you were doing (and the business needs YOU to do, or the work you love doing)
  • Get the right team around you to do the work you give away so you can do the rest of the work of the business. And get the right things on and off their plates.
  • Get the most from your team and the people who work for them.
  • We help you with the two, parallel tracks of business: long-term, goal-oriented, fire-prevention activities and short-term, situational, fire-fighting activities
  • We provide you a structure of ongoing support as you implement the coaching work to achieve your objectives