10 Client results from senior leaders learning 5 new skills for developing and implementing Our Dashboards and Collaboration Disciplines

1. Doubled Profits and Cash Reserves

Financial Improvement teams integrated multiple improvement initiatives from the previous few years at a 700-person blood manufacturer to deliver a better than 100% improvement in cash flow from operating activities every year for the next 5 years, as compared to the year before upgrading their Management Operating System (MOS).

2. Funded Growth from Internal Cash Flow

Maryland Assn. of CPAs’ staff connected their operating activities to cash flow and profit results to generate almost

$1 million in new cash flow from operating activities in less than 12 months, producing an average positive operating cash flow of $379,000 every year for the next five years, up from negative $245,000.

3. Made Cash Flow and Profit Predictable

At a Napa Auto Parts regional distributor, all the key players learned to see how the company’s success works as a whole, resulting in new measures that added an average of $500,000 of new operating cash balance every year for the next 5 years.

4. Drove Waste Effectively to Zero

At Osborne Coinage, we consistently drove better teamwork and product innovation that increased overall cash flow from operating activities bank balance by an average of $560,000 for the next 3 years.

5. Operating Activities Tied to Financial Results

At Oklahoma Blood Institute, Our agility created new capacities to metrics-driven culture that delivered many sifnificant impacts. One contribution to more than doubling cash each year for 5 years occured because the MOS upgrade revealed a standard operating practice of over a decade could be eliminated, saving over $150,000 in the first year with no loss of customer quality or increase in compliance risk.

6. Most Productive Meetings Ever – Every Time

At a Napa Auto Parts regional distributor, the monthly huddles since 2006 have been so useful that the Performance Management Group now meets twice a month instead of once for the first 4 years, timed to coincide with each pay period.

7. Weathered a Massive Industry Downturn

A $110 Million Highway Construction firm survived a 70% industry downturn – their banker continued their financing because he could see exactly what the non-financial staff had planned each month to assure that they would generate cash to honor their loan covenants, while operating at a loss every single month for two and half years.

8. Funded Growth by Acquisition

Oklahoma Blood Institute’s 30-person Financial Improvement Team contributed so much cash and profit that they went into acquisition mode in less than two years. With Management Resources implemented, the Napa Auto Parts regional distributor was also stabilized enough financially to acquire two more stores in less than two years.

9. Increased Enterprise Agility

Osborne Coinage developed and delivered new products; Maryland Assn of CPAs built internal cash reserves; the Napa Auto Parts regional distributor secured new financing and Oklahoma Blood Institute acquired a competitor.

10. Matured Financial Performance

Using Management Resources dashboards and disciplines, the leadership at Indigenous Designs, a fair trade and organic clothing manufacturer, were able to make the transition from planned start-up losses to build a robust international supply chain. They achieved consistent profitability for the 5 years after implementing Accounting MOS Upgrade agility, exceeding their projected profit plan.


We on the leadership team love the way our value creation focus from Management Resources is both giving us complete oversight of the improvement process, and the business results. We are also having an increasing flow of team tacit job knowledge, and newly discovered organizational knowledge coming towards us consistently.

Tom Hood, CPA – CEO, Maryland Assn of CPAs, 2012

We found the monthly 75-90 minute Management Resources huddles so useful, that after 4 years, we have been doing them twice a month instead of once, to coincided with each pay period. Regular huddles has stabilized our company by keeping our eyes on the ball every two weeks.

Rick Call, CEO, Napa Auto Parts regional distributor, 2015

When I printed out the monthly Dollar Trends Graph from the AA&M Financial Scoreboard – our ‘tachometer’ – for our 6th monthly huddle, I was amazed to see that the impacts of our operations finance practices were already significant.

Ken Thengval, CFO, Napa Auto Parts regional distributor, 2007