About Management Resources

We know our market because we are our market.

If you’re like many of our clients, you already have a successful business. You’re great at many things – either producing or delivering a product or service, or selling it. But that doesn’t guarantee you’re great at (or even have the time for) other things that go with it, like managing growth business, hiring and managing employees, or keeping your workload to a level that doesn’t overload you. And hey, it can be lonely at the top. That’s where we come in. Management Resources coaches and other professionals provide knowledgeable and caring guidance, support, and structure to powerfully deliver results in the strategically most important areas of a business owner’s life: The business, The work you wish you were doing vs. the work you feel stuck doing, and Your other personal goals.

Know us by What We Deliver: We help you get the right things on and off your plate to free you to do the work you wish you were doing (and that the business needs you to do). We ensure you have the right team around you to do the work you give away – and that you get the most from them. We help you achieve the objectives important to you, which we define up front and as we go along, in the three, interrelated domains of a business owner’s world – your business, your work, and the rest of your life.

Know us by Who We Are: Entrepreneurs, business owners, members of family businesses, and people who love to train and guide others at the same. We are proud to be a founding B Corporation (“social purpose” and for-profit) and a leader in the socially responsible business movement. We have been the coaching partner of the LOHAS Conference and Green Business Conference since 2008. We are excited to be Green Festival’s coaching partner, too.

Know us by What We Do: Business and leadership coaching, usually to the owner, a partner or other senior decision maker, and sometimes to their teams. Project work (“organizational consulting”) that improves strategic and operational performance. We help clients take the steps to get to, and effectively manage at, the next level.

Know us by Who Our Clients Are: Usually already established, small to mid-size businesses (and non-profits) of all kinds, stages, and industries. Our clients have received more than 70 awards from Inc. Magazine as America’s fastest growing businesses, located nationwide (Inc. 500) or in a distressed inner city neighborhood (the Inner City 100). Many of our clients are Social Venture Network (SVN), Green America, BALLE, B Corporations, and LOHAS businesses.

We specialize in three areas:

  • Fast-to-explosive growth businesses
  • Green/social-purpose businesses
  • Partnerships and family businesses

We also work with:

  • Visionaries to help articulate and implement their vision
  • Executives, managers, and other professionals to help them optimize their performance and fulfillment
  • People re-evaluating or shifting their career